Supporting you as a leader.
(Digitally speaking).

We walk in the shoes of your target audience and see your world from their perspective. With our background in digital and social media, we then thoughtfully consider what we would do in your position to get the very best out of your online presence? Our one-off document will empower you to make confident decisions regarding your digital marketing.

This is what we do.

  • This is our Passion

    We believe in first impressions. And second and third ones too. If you want your organisation to speak directly to your target audience, if you want to exude professionalism and entice confidence, we can help you with this.

  • We're here to Help

    Whether you need to increase revenue, raise awareness, recruit talent, or enhance your organisation’s reputation, the pressure is on. (And we’re here to help.)

  • We have a Vision

    We want senior leaders to have access to unbiased and personalised advice, empowering confident decision making and having a strong plan to drive your online presence forward.

This is our story.

Graysen Rose can find its origins in digital media. We knew of its massive potential from the start, and have been dedicated to getting the most out of it on whatever project we find ourselves working.

From sparking a global movement to prevent suicide, to the dawning of an Olympian’s professional boxing debut in Madison Square Garden, we’ve experienced and managed some truly incredible campaigns. We’ve had millions of video views, trending campaigns, and unparalleled growth that has led our team to being asked to speak at Twitter EMEA HQ and to also working with Facebook’s team in London and San Francisco as a beta testing partner.



A one-off Digital Review

Having fully immersed ourselves in your online world, we provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of your online presence. We make thoughtful suggestions on how to improve your online presence immediately, but also what to work on in the long term, too. We celebrate the things you do really well, so you get a good sense of where your strengths lie and we highlight the opportunities that we feel

Darkness Into Light Michale Conlan

What Our Customers Say

The team at Graysen Rose have transformed my work, and the impact of Pieta House, through the use of social media. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

— Senator Joan Freeman, Founder of Pieta House

"Graysen Rose's digital review of One in Four is among the best and most useful reviews I have ever commissioned. It is forensic in its analysis and extremely practical in outlining the steps we need to take to improve our performance across our entire digital platform.

- Maeve Lewis, CEO of One in Four

Their knowledge of social media, and the wider digital landscape, is profound, and they have significantly improved my communications reach to existing and new audiences. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to harness the power of digital media.

- Anne Hanniffy, Former CEO of Fundraising Ireland

Limited availability. Only available to Senior Management.